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Answer: Both on the site and in the programs there is absolutely no tracking of the user and there is no hidden data collection.

The website of the programs (in the database) does not contain any information related to the residential address of the user who made the purchase.

In the database of the site www.vitsoft.net, when paying, only the following information is saved:

User name

E-mail address

Key to the programs

Date of payment

Payment method

No more information is added to the database of www.vitsoft.net website at payment, and any other information requested by the chosen payment system can be specified as any. The main thing is that the payment system accepts the specified data.

Entering all important payment information occurs exclusively on the side of the chosen payment system.

In the programs themselves there are no data collections and hidden statistics sent.

In the programs there is only online activation, which is only needed for initial activation, and then no data are sent without the user's knowledge.

With online activation, only the following information is added to the database:

Serial number, as well as the name of the device to which the programs are tied. Priority is focused on storage devices (HDD/SSD/USB-drives). In very rare cases, the program can be tied to to something else (For example, CPU).

Also in the programs there is a built-in check for updates (on/off in the settings), which works every time the program is started and with this nothing data is sent to the server. From the server with this request comes the number of the latest version of the program and the list of hashes of the latest versions of the files available on the site and already the program locally compares them with the current installed files of the program and in case of an incompatibility the update window appears.

More data is not sent without the user's knowledge in the hidden mode and this is not permissible.

If something changes, then this will be necessarily supplemented here.

Answer: The license key for the program is given forever. New versions of the program will always be free. The main thing is not to distribute the registration data on the Internet, as this would entail their blocking.

Answer: After purchase, you can activate 3 devices (computers/USB drives). Then every 45 days there is an opportunity to activate another new device.

It turns out that every year, after 3 main activations, you can activate 8 more different computers/USB drives.

Reactivations of previously activated hardware are restored from the database without waiting 45 days. For example, after reinstalling Windows or formatting a USB drive.

Internet access is not required on a permanent basis. Only during activation.

After activation, a file is created in the program folder where the hardware activation key is stored. If desired, it can be copied to storage somewhere, and then returned (if there is no Internet access).

Answer: The JCleaner program appeared due to the fact that in the Vit Registry Fix program it is completely impossible to implement many possibilities, or the implementation of some of them is possible, but with many reservations and unjustified difficulties.

JCleaner has at least the same functionality as Vit Registry Fix, but with many benefits.

Some of them:

1. JCleaner - fully supports UNICODE components (buttons, text fields, etc.), which makes it possible to correctly translate the program into any language. For example, languages other than English will be correctly displayed in the English version of Windows.

2. JCleaner will work with DEP (Data Execution Prevention) enabled on the system. Vit Registry Fix does not work with DEP - you need to add the program file to the exceptions.

3. Searching for errors in the registry can also be different - sometimes a different approach to identifying some erroneous entries (here is some parity, but in general the result is very similar).

4. Finding errors in JCleaner is faster, both due to the fact that search is going on with several threads, and because of better optimization. Where it takes JCleaner at 1-2 minutes to find errors, in Vit Registry Fix it will take 5-6 minutes, depending on how the registry is formed in a particular user and what PC configuration.

5. In JCleaner, the search for unnecessary files is placed in a separate file (database) with instructions for searching. Database is easier to fill it and at the same time not increase the size of the program itself. And also more quickly add or change data without updating the entire program.

6. In JCleaner, all tools are collected in one exe file. It's probably more convenient. It also makes it easier to make changes to the interface in the future.

7. And other visual and technical features, such as:

• Some tasks in JCleaner are performed in separate threads from the interface. For example, the registry optimizer in JCleaner does not 'freeze' while running for a long time.

• In JCleaner, graphics are used in PNG format and this is convenient, but in Vit Registry Fix this is not supported and need to use BMP format, which is without transparency.

• JCleaner has a modern and convenient development environment, while Vit Registry Fix has a very outdated and inconvenient (slightly better than notepad) and much more.


Everyone can try both programs and choose for themselves what they like more or use both. But my [author] recommendation because of the above is JCleaner.


But, the priority for further development is focused on JCleaner. Vit Registry Fix will receive updates to fix bugs and small improvements to find errors in the registry. The Vit Registry Fix program performs all the declared functions.

Answer: Safely! Programs were created so that the user would press the button to search for erroneous entries in the registry or unnecessary files, and then the delete button without studying what was proposed for deletion. But the possibility of viewing and choice is offered.

When deleting erroneous entries in the registry or deleting unnecessary files, you can not worry and not revise the list - everything is reliable like a Swiss watch. The program was conceived so that anyone can use it.

Only in the settings for searching for unnecessary files there are a few items that you can pay attention to (Passwords in web browsers, bookmarks). They are not selected by default. And if you click "select all" in the context menu, then such items are not selected either. You need to purposefully and consciously mark them manually for selection.

Even if you specify important items for the search, when the results are displayed, such entries are not selected for deletion by default.

The slightest understanding is needed only when working on tabs:

• Registry keys with installed software settings

• Startup

• Uninstall software

• Manual data search in the registry.

• Tool for create and restore full backups.

These tools are not automatic and you need to understand at least a little what to delete: you need to delete what belongs to a previously deleted program and you need a minimum skill to identify such registry keys.

As for creating full registry backups (Tools tab), you also need to be careful here. You should not thoughtlessly restore a full backup anyway. After restoring, data is lost/replaced and it may happen that something may not work that was installed on the system after such a backup was created. This tool is for the most extreme case. And this moment each user decides for himself.

Answer: The program does not contain any viruses or anything that intentionally harms. But some antiviruses can create false positives! Please update your antivirus to the latest version and/or add the program files to the exceptions.

If the program gets into the list of some antivirus software, then you should not worry, if it was downloaded from the official site or a very well-known trusted site or from any other, when the download links lead to the official site.

You can check the originality of the files in the checksum SHA1, which is specified on the official site. The checksum is specified for both the installer file (.exe) and the portable version (zip archive). If the checksum does not match, it means that the file was modified by someone or infected with a "virus"!

Additional information:

The program is distributed on various websites with Trojan content and other similar content to which the author of the program has nothing to do. But because of this, the program downloaded from the official website may also be included in the anti-virus lists! It is also possible that some people intentionally add the program to the anti-virus lists through various channels provided by the anti-virus software itself. You also need to understand that the program downloaded from the resource, which promises a free "activated version", in addition to the fact that it contains software for data theft or harm, may also not work properly.

Therefore, it is even better to use the program in unregistered mode, but original than to use "hacked", but with a high risk to get a Trojan code disguised, for example, under the file "uninstall.exe", which in theory can search all text files of the user with the contents of passwords or bank details and send in an unknown direction. Few people will be pleased.

Answer: Yes, you can use the program portable and run it from any removable USB drive. Zip-archive of the portable version of the program can be downloaded by clicking on the "Download portable version" link on the program page.

When activating the program, you need to select "Activation on a removable USB drive" and select him in the list. The folder with the program can be copied to a USB drive both before and after activation. If you activate the program only for a USB drive and at the same time use it from a storage device that is not such, then the program will be considered activated only when the corresponding USB drive is connected.

In general, the installation version of the program is also completely portable and saves all its settings to a file, and not to the system registry. You can copy all the program files that were installed using the installer to any folder and get a 100% portable version (copy everything except "Uninstall.exe" file and backup folder). The installer and the zip archive of the portable version contain 100% identical files. The only registry entry that is created by the installer is the information in the key: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall"

Answer: The only one official reason Vit Registry Fix might not run is because DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is enabled for all programs and services.

If so, add the Vit Registry Fix executables to the exclusion list, or set this option as the default. Methods and information on how to do this can be easily found on the Internet.

In normal user versions of Windows, by default, this option is mostly enabled only for core Windows programs and services, and there are no problems with running the Vit Registry Fix program.

Ответ: Not necessarily. You can install the new version over the old.

Answer: Yes! To do this, on the main page of the site, click the link "Restore license" and follow the instructions.

Answer: Part of the functionality that is important is blocked.

Answer: Yes, this possibility exists and operates only in the registered version. Commands:

Vit Registry Fix:

-AutoScan: start searching for errors in the registry.

-AutoDel: delete registry errors automatically.

-MaxRescanCount = 3: maximum number of overscan - if the program deems necessary. Values from 1 to 3

-FindHistory: start history search.

-ClearHistory: delete history automatically.

-ShowOnlyResult: show a result search of registry errors/history.

-ShowApp: always show the program window.

-AutoClose: close the program.

-ShutdownPC: Turn off the computer

All commands separated by a semicolon. The sequence of writing does not matter.


1. Start search the registry errors, start history search, delete history and registry errors, rescanning up 2 times if need and exit:

C:\Vit Registry Fix.exe -AutoScan; -AutoDel; -MaxRescanCount=2; -FindHistory; -ClearHistory; -AutoClose

2. Start search the registry errors, start history search, delete history and registry errors and simply display the result:

C:\Vit Registry Fix.exe -AutoScan; -FindHistory; -ShowOnlyResult

Vit Disk Cleaner:

-QuickFind: start quick search.

-QuickDel: delete files and folders on the Quick Search.

-ExFind: search in extended search.

-ExDel: delete files and folders on the extended search tab.

-ShowApp : always show the program window.

-ShowOnlyResult: show a result search.

-AutoClose: close the program.

-ShutdownPC: Turn off the computer

All commands separated by a semicolon. The sequence of writing does not matter.


1. Start a quick search, start a extended search, delete all files on quick search tab and delete all files on extended search tab and exit:

C:\Vit Disk Cleaner.exe -QuickFind; -QuickDel; -ExFind; -ExDel; -AutoClose

2. Start a quick search, start a extended search, and just show the result:

C:\Vit Disk Cleaner.exe -QuickFind; -ExFind; -ShowOnlyResult

Vit Registry Optimizer:

-AutoOptimize:Start analysis only.

-AutoOptimize+RebootPC: Start analysis and automatically apply and restart your PC.

-AutoOptimize+SHUTDOWNPC: Start the analysis, automatically apply and turn off your PC. Changes take effect after the next boot OS.


C:\Vit Registry Optimizer.exe -AutoOptimize

C:\Vit Registry Optimizer.exe -AutoOptimize+RebootPC

C:\Vit Registry Optimizer.exe -AutoOptimize+SHUTDOWNPC